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Artist Name: Mario Sánchez Nevado

obrigado Brasil.

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breaking bad

Bort, shreddin’

El barto


Entering the Colorful Kaleidoscope World of @osgemeos

To see more photos and videos from A ópera da lua, explore the Galpão Fortes Villaça location page and browse the #osgemeos hashtag.

A circular installation pulls spectators into the colorful world of Brazilian twin brothers and graffiti artists Os Gêmeos. Their new art exhibit, A ópera da lua (“The Moon Opera”), features paintings, sculptures and a video installation where works are connected by doors and windows. The artists are known for incorporating storytelling and fantasy into their exhibits, where surreal elements blend together in a multicolored collage as if seen through a kaleidoscope.


The Lives of @yorch_miranda’s Paper Cutouts

To see more scenes from Jorge’s creative mind, follow @yorch_miranda on Instagram.

For Miami filmmaker Jorge Miranda (@yorch_miranda), working with miniature paper dolls provides a refreshing flexibility. “These photos have become for me a faster way to express my ideas with actors that don’t complain and don’t need to get paid,” he says.

"Using objects that we interact with in our daily lives makes it easy for people to understand and relate no matter where they come from," says Jorge, whose whimsical portraits draw inspiration from his film work and creative Instagram communities like @graphic_arts_bnw. “I hope people realize how easy is to have fun with items we see every day.”


"Déjà Vu" by Mario S. Nevado.


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Dan LuVisi

Un poco de terror


Steve Morris